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About The Leadership Matters

The need for quality Business Management and Business Leadership courses has never been greater, as the business landscape continues to evolve rapidly in response to technological advances, globalization, and changing customer preferences. Effective management and leadership are essential for any organization to succeed in today's competitive and fast-paced environment. Without strong leadership and management skills, businesses may struggle to adapt to changing market conditions, attract and retain top talent, and remain competitive in their respective industries.

The Leadership Matters Business Management and Business Leadership courses can help individuals develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as managers and leaders. These courses cover a wide range of domains that are essential for effective leadership, including organizational behavior, financial management, change management, strategic planning, and communication. They provide students with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, learn from real-world case studies, and apply theoretical concepts to practical situations. By investing in quality Business Management and Business Leadership courses, organizations can develop a pipeline of talented managers and leaders who are equipped to drive innovation, growth, and success in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

The coursework offered in these domains total 450 hours. Additionally, utilizing our large cadre of content writers, we are able to create custom content for virtually any sector. 

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  • Human Resource Management

    • HR01 - Communication and Recognition​

    • HR02 - Building Staff Capacity

    • HR03 - The Discipline Process

    • HR04 - Diversity and Respect in the Workplace

  • Organizational Behavior

    • OB05 - Referent Power and Staff Leadership​

    • OB06 - Performance Standards

    • OB07 - Working with Teams

    • OB08 - Contingency Theory

  • Operations and Systems

    • OPS09 - The Leadership Management Dichotomy​

    • OPS10 - Time Management and Prioritization

    • OPS11 - Managing Change

    • OPS12 - SWOT Analysis

    • OPS13 - Principals of LEAN Management

  • Financial Management

    • FM14 - Asset Management​

    • FM15 - The Value Proposition

    • FM16 - Key Performance Indicators

  • Competitive Advantage 

    • CA17 - Marketing and Competition

    • CA18 - Leading in Customer Service

    • CA19 - The Value Chain

    • CA20 - Continuous Improvement

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  • Shared Vision

    • ​SV01 - Developing a Shared Vision

    • ​SV02 - Articulating a Shared Vision

    • SV03 - Implementing a Shared Vision

    • SV04 - Nurturing a Shared Vision

  • Ethics and Values

    • EV05 - Morals, Values, and Ethics

    • EV06 - Essential Principles of Diversity

    • EV07 - Essentials of Effective Management

    • EV08 - Essentials of Effective Decision Making

  • Organizational Culture

    • OC09 - Values in Culture

    • OC10 - Developing an Effective Culture

    • OC11 - Motivating Self and Others

    • OC12 - Strategies for Celebrating Success

  • Effective Relationships

    • ER13 - Asset Management​

    • ER14 - Recognition and Reward

    • ER15 - Essential Principals of Mediation

    • ER16 - Effective Business Relationships

    • ER17 - Effective Community Relationships

  • Change Leadership 

    • CL18 - The Change Environment

    • CL19 - Essentials of Change Leadership

    • CL20 - Cultivating Shared Leadership 

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